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Introducing VIRALITY,
the human network


VIRALITY wants to connect people only  through their personal main attitudes showed at first sight. No more importance given to others society labels as racial, sexual, economical, geographical, political. What really counts is the human being.

The world has definitely entered a new ‘viral’ relations phase, based on the mobile and the social media use. The interaction between the people is now very powerful and fast. All this enormous transformation of the human relationships can be resumed in a single word: VIRALITY.

But the limit of communication through technology is to keep people away from each other, also because of the labels that society imposes, dividing them by race, social status, religion, culture, etc.

VIRALITY is therefore not a project based solely on the connection of people through the use of technology, but the first "human network".

A revolutionary system to connect people each other, freeing them from the labels imposed by society and at the same time highlighting their true personal values.


VIRALITY is totally new. It is the first human network that allows people to get together without any external influence.

Simple & Functional

VIRALITY is based on a very simple and intuitive visual system to recognize everyone's main personal attitude.


VIRALITY is a universal language to create a first important connection, understandable and valid everywhere around the world.

We want to create a great community based on human values

VIRALITY creates a mutual connection between people, based on a unique system that creates a new social order. Each member can express visually his main personal attitude, to be recognized just the way he wants.

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